on fancy hotels

since I’m an evil offspring, my parents often visited me during my 5 years stint in SG. we’ll congest my aunt’s already cramped place, and usually over the weekend, we’ll drive to KL. sometimes I join them, and this was the only time I get to enjoy a fancy hotel room (FYI, all hotels are fancy to me since I can only afford hostels when I travel).

so last month, they made their pilgrimage to JKT. Since I have no place of my own, the need to book a hotel. “near the shopping area,” was the brief. and they booked the Pullman Jakarta, a 5-fucking-star hotel. does a 5-fucking-star hotel look like?




Pullman – Thamrin | Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59 Jakarta 10350 – Indonesia

a see-through bathroom for your every need. you can automatically wash the disgust off your body as you watch game of thrones. or you know, do other things inside while everyone watches from the outside *wink*wink*

oh thank you JKT, for giving me a glimpse of what could be if i can afford a 5-fucking-star hotel

PS: while it is a 5-fucking-star hotel, and expensive by Indonesian standards, it is actually quite affordable as compared to other five-star hotels in the world. still, i doubt the experience is different


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