on thank yous 6 years overdue

Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.

The Flash, DC Comics

Don’t know if you remember but there was a time post-Ondoy that you, Sam, and Tot would hitch a ride home with me. At the time, I was thinking of quitting Publicis. During one of those rides, you told me “If this is just wanderlust, just go. Because you can always come back.”

I took that to heart. I threw caution to the wind and went to SG with only bravado and the foolish belief that I can make it. And look at me now! (Still crazy LOL.) Know that for every stupid/amazing that I’ve done since, your advice is always something i reflect on, and it still is one of the best advice I’ve received in my life.

So go! Do crazy stuff: get drunk, sleep around, or do nothing in London. Whatever floats your boat, do it 100% all in (adidas, since 2011). Fight the urge to feel guilty. What matters is you’re there in the moment.

Just remember (to add morbidity, because this I still me writing this): we’re all going to die, so try not to worry too much. Life will unfold as it should.

Kabugin mo ang London!


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