on expat living: a few pegs down

I’ve been living here for 1.5months now (another 1.5 months to go and I’M DONE!), and it’s high time that I write about my new expat digs.

My officemate and Jakarta BFF, Joey, has nicely offered the extra bedroom in her 2-br flat. And what it lacks in modern fixtures, appliances, and furniture, it certainly made up with convenience.

Like this:

puri casablanca - our view: the cemetery

Having a bad day? You can literally jump to your death (I’M KIDDING, jeez)

This is our view from both our rooms. No wonder there are a lot of empty rooms we on this side, as we can see from our balcony

The place is also close to a decent running “track,” the one I should have ran in that first fateful night:

Roundabout Near Taman Rasuna Apartment
Roundabout Near Taman Rasuna Apartment

There’s also a food hall (grocery) inside the condo, it’s a walking distance to Kokas (mall) and 2 cinemas. It’s also closer to the office and a decent dentist!

But lets go back to the main event: the place itself. It boasts of an open concept reminiscent of a run-down hotel:

Two walls of the 4 are covered in mirrors:

puri casablanca - living room 3

puri casablanca - living room 1

puri casablanca - living room 2

See our doodles? Menu list, reminders, thank you notes, and goals in life (which I have stopped doing, 2 weeks in)

Kitchen’s really a throwback to…a dated time. See the stove? It’s manual, with a gas stove. There is now a 50% chance that I’ll burn the place down 😲.

puri casablanca - kitchen

And of course, my temp room:

puri casablanca - my bedroom

Overall, despite the dilapidated interiors, the place feels more lived in and comfortable. Probably because the couch is infested by bed bugs haha. Promises to be a good ending to my Jakarta story 😉


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