hostel XP: pinisi backpackers (bandung, indonesia)

nothing memorable happened in bandung, but i was relieved that i had the room all to myself on my first night. i didn’t really get a chance to talk to anyone as the place was almost empty, and hardly anyone were in the common areas. there were more people on my last day (it was saturday), most of whom were locals. unfortunately, not all of them spoke english, so it was mainly small talk.

overall, i’d recommend this hostel if you don’t plan on staying in bandung long, or if you’re not looking to make random friends. if you want a more happening place, best to look for lodgings at jalan braga, the hipster street.

PINISI BACKPACKER | Jl. Pasirkaliki Belakang no. 84 Gg. Musaen no. 92/6A, Bandung – West Java – Indonesia


  • train station is only 1km away
  • cheap and tasty warungs are right outside the hostel. indomaret (convenience store) is across the street
  • there’s a mall 0.5km away
  • bars, restaurants, and a hospital are also within walking distance (just in case)
  • spacious common areas


  • there were three dorms downstairs, and a few other rooms on the 2nd floor, but it only has 2 bathrooms
  • we had a midnight visitor in the form of a large, very comfortable RAT

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