experiencing some culture in bandung

having survived bandung’s traffic and uncle ojek’s wrath, i slugged 2 hrs early for my first cultural experience. it was way more than I expected. i actually enjoyed myself.

Saung Angklung Udjo

i needed to do something…OF SUBSTANCE on my first full day traveling. i didn’t wanna go up mountains and volcanos as (1) there’s an entry fee of IDR300,000 for foreigners and (2) i’m scheduled to climb kawah ijen and mount bromo. i didn’t wanna get tired of nature and all that shit.

so i decided just go to saung angklung udjo, with again, no high expectations. i really just wanted to do something. but oh boy that was a IDR100,000 well spent.

the play started at around 1530 (same time everyday). it had 4 parts:

(1) the puppet show that performed a part of ramadan;

(2) dance performed by the younger students depicting a boy’s circumcision;

(3) butterfly dance (i think) performed by beautiful young ladies

and just when I was wondering if they will show anything about angklung

(4) THE MAIN EVENT: angklung performances that also includes the audience! that part was fun

the whole show lasted more than 1hr and 30min. at the very end, they’ll make all the audience dance with them (awkward, since i can’t dance to save my life), and i got a little angklung necklace as a souvenir! definitely worth the entrance fee i paid. i also want to believe i helped the local culture.

and those are the highlights of my very short trip to bandung. do I recommend it? Hmmm…probably just a day trip is fine. I did see a lot of factory outlets as I was walking, so if that’s your thing, maybe make it 2 days.


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