hostel XP: rumah zen homestay and its frisky/playful staff (yogyakarta, indonesia)

to illustrate, you’ll find these messages throughout the house:

i wonder if these innuendos were the ones that led to a (noisy) romance among the guests? 😏

RUMAH ZEN HOMESTAY | Jl. Minggiran Baru no. 926, Mangkuyudan, Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia

the owner, daniel, and his one worker (can’t remember his name), can be offending to the ladies if you’re not used to their kind of humor, but once you get it (and navigate their english), they really are quite funny and helpful. daniel in particular, will do most of anything you ask as long as you give him a smile. and he’s super laidback. he pays for everything first (i mean EVERYTHING) and will just ask for payment when you’re just about to leave (pls don’t take advantage of him). i checked in really early (he picked me up from the train station at 0330ish), and didn’t charge me extra (something i FORGOT to point out when i paid 😁). they were also the ones who taught me how to scooter, and let me practice with their motorbikes (after my practice sesh, daniel said: oh you’re still alive?)

i think they were especially fond of me because i was an asian with a tinge of singlish accent that gets and responds to their jokes. my last afternoon, daniel and his japanese “wife” asked me to join them for some snack fruit wine (not strong) that led to some interesting conversation about osaka (her hometown), what i’m doing with my life (they offered me a job!!) and their lovestory 😍.

Rumah Zen Homestay and Romance

the first romance of note was really daniel and his “wife’s” romance. she told me she used to be a guest there when she was studying yogyakarta’s culture for her masters. i asked how she and daniel became a thing, and she’s like “i don’t know.” good job daniel!

they’re not actually married, but daniel introduces her as his wife (so that’s why at first i couldn’t figure out if they were really together or if she was just a very special guest haha.). when i asked when they were planning to get married, she said: i don’t know. soon hopefully…

when i was there, she was about to go back to japan and didn’t know when or if she will be back. she did mention they were planning to stop taking guests when she’s not around because “i don’t trust him.” that’s verbatim. i guess i can’t blame her given how they started and how playful her bf is. hope they make it work though.

the second romance i heard from the start. the girl was english and the guy was kiwi. at one point during their initial and small talk with another british girl, the girl asked him: where’s you’re bed? are you on top of me? guy: well, if you want me to be

thought balloon: ah, i know where this is going

first night they shared a bunk bed. second night i went home at 0300ish to moanish sounds (thought balloon: finally!) and they just went at it in the dorms the next day. they openly talked about their sexcapades, comparing notes, and discussing who the guy’s next sexcapade might be (some german girl he spent a week with somewhere). i already know the girl’s sexual history because they were talking as if they were not in the common areas (or maybe they wanted us to hear it? after all, they let us hear rounds 1, 2, and 3 by my count). what still amazed me was that after all that, we all talked about it (they weren’t really sorry about the fact that me and a dutch girl couldn’t go inside the dorm. after all, someone should be getting some). i think the girl cancelled her flight to bali TWICE, and on the day before i left, they were on their way to a beach for the weekend. hopefully they’re happy, and if they decided to part ways, hope all memories are good.

anyway, back to the hostel


  • helpful staff
  • convenient location
  • free laundry and breakfast at daniel’s restaurant a stone throw’s away (0330-1030)
  • affordable
  • free bathroom toolkit (toothpaste, toothbrush, towel)


  • the dorm room was dark
  • in the afternoons, the AC definitely needs more horsepower. not as bad at night
  • bathroom LOOKS unclean (i see them clean it everyday, so it’s just the finish of the bathroom that makes it unclean. and most likely the backpackers also 😂)
  • mosquitos in the common areas. mosquito repellant is a must at all times

i definitely recommend this place if you’re on a budget and just looking for a chill time. if you’re feeling lazy, the veranda’s the perfect place to not do anything (and unintentionally listen to people having sex 😅)


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