yogyakarta: 5 days, 3 tourist spots, and a bunch of nothing

i LOVED yogyakarta. not because of it’s famous temples, or the 1-hr away beaches, leather goods, or other tourist activities available. it’s because i did close to nothing there but sleep, walk a little bit, and making myself available to rabid mosquitoes.

A Whole Lotta Nothing

of my 5 days there, i left the hostel to do tourist things twice, and had a night out twice. the rest i spent either sleeping, or laying in my bunk or the couches. one dutch girl was amazed that i can spend 2 hrs in the morning in my bed doing…nothing. i always surprised daniel, the hostel owner, whenever he cleans at around lunchtime because i suddenly say hi from my bunk when he thought the room was empty

jogja, as the place is commonly called, is such a chill place. don’t get me wrong, it IS a tourist spot. but the streets are not laden with activities, as it is in ubud. streets are wider, so it doesn’t feel crowded. locals are much more easy going, just hanging out at their shops all day. the night crowd, at least the rasta peeps that i hung out with my 2 nights out were also chill. not crazy, loud drunks typical in a tourist (ehem, backpacker) town. most likely this is because it’s a college town

it also helped that my hostel had a cool, though mosquito-infested, common area, that people cannot help but unwind there. i spent a lot of my time lying down those probably-bed-bug infested couches, while nursing a slight hangover (which i conveniently used as an excuse to cultivate my laziness when people asked me why i was just in there).

now, had i learned how to scooter earlier, i would have done a lot more things, but overall, i am glad that i was able to do nothing in yogyakarta. i would not have met the people i met had i braved to scooter there, because i know i’ll just drive around until the sun’s down. not all trips are meant to be jam-packed with activities. it can also be about doing nothing (like that korean we were with in the dorms, who only leaves to room to shower and eat)

on my succeeding posts, i’ll write about the 3 tourists spots that i’ve been to, and i’ll add on to the my hostel posts regarding the other interesting people i met


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