Krowi Inn: Free City Tour from the Doomsday Believer Owner

I, along with my Singapore friends that I went with to Kawa Ijen and Bromo, officially stayed here for a night. But it felt longer to me.

Krowi Inn | Jalan Ciliwung No. 66, Darmo, Wonokromo, Darmo, Wonokromo, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60241, Indonesia

The day my friends left me for Singapore, I stayed behind to move on to Sulawesi. Pelni stops at the Surabaya Port that sails to the island. But the boat leaves at 3pm, so I had the whole morning.

The owner (forgot his name, sorry), was Chinese-Indonesian who split his time between Jakarta and Surabaya. He was accommodating. I guess since he also had time to kill, he offered to drive me and another guest around the place. He brought us to the cigarette factory and the port. He also drove me to the Pelni office to buy my ticket.

All our time in the car he said: don’t go there, ISIS is there; Jakarta is better off with the Chinese mayor (Flash forward to now, Indonesian Muslims are protesting said mayor for saying offensive things); Indonesia is so corrupt blah blah. My amazement with what I saw as he was driving us around the port was dampened by the doomsday scenario Indonesia seemed to be confronting.

On the other hand it was the cheapest accommodation I can find in Surabaya. Really clean, rooms were big, and next door they had the best…food place. If you’re ever in the area make sure you eat there. It was super cheap.

Oh, and also, I had to stop at Surabaya from Sulawesi to Bali. I arrived in the morning but the train+boat+bus leaves at 9pm. The only place I knew was this hostel, so I asked the taxi driver to bring me back here. They allowed me to hung around, but they called their boss to ask if I can shower. The wife said no since the facilities are only for guests. I begged and offered to pay. Still no. Thank god the hostel keepers took pity on me and let me shower, free of charge.


Where: Surabaya, Java, Indonesia

Dates: 2015.10.11-12

Room Type: Four Person Family Room

Details: AC; toilet and bath in room

Price: IDR200,000/night


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