tour operators can really suck out all the fun

how can people ask for tips when:

  1. the tour has not yet ended
  2. them and us don’t speak the same language
  3. the whole tour lasted about 10 minutes

please explain

i went to trang as a sort of stopover from penang to thailand. i avoided all the tourist spots (aka beaches) of south thailand because i’m not a fan, so i chose this place. all that was to see is the thung kai (for tom) and tham le khao kop caves (aka dragon’s cave). i went caving first

based on my research, if only 1 person go, it costs 30bhat. not bad. but when i get there, they charged me for the whole boat, which is 300bhat. i was a bit miffed, but fine, this is what i get for being a loner

and the tour guide proceeded to hurry up the whole tour, and started asking for money for both him and the boatman. it started with 200baht. i just said ok, ok. but then he started to get more insistent and irritating. i guess he figured i was getting pissed so he lowered it to 50baht. haysh

all these and the whole thing wasn’t even interesting

nevertheless, here are some pics


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