travel hacks: duct tape edition

as a member of the #funemployed community, i TRY not to spend on necessities that could have been avoided (eg. medicine), or the really REALLY big spends (eg. decent walking sandals). so i thought: what’s the best solution for everyday challenges?

answer: DUCT TAPE

my latest foray into duct taping every mundane-but-needed things i have involved my specs:


stupid me went home kinda drunk and decided on to care where stuff on my messy bed are

before that, i placed my belt in the laundry with disastrous results. and yes, the duct tape didn’t work 💔


and here’s my sandals pre-beach. i swear it looked better before i decided to use it to waddle through the sand


this one still works like a charm 👌🏻


2 thoughts on “travel hacks: duct tape edition”

  1. Duct tape really comes in handy! My boyfriend’s shoes and phone case broke during our travels. Floss also comes in handy to sew things, like the mosquito net at the farm where we were volunteering had so many holes it was pointless to keep the mosquitoes out! Floss fixed it up quickly


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