travel hacks: remember selsun blue?

this is some hard core dandruff shampoo. i as in, don’t use it if your dandruff problem is just the typical, run of the mill type 

IMG_6948it’s because it’s medicated. so your normally dry hair will most likely be super dry after one use. but because it’s medicated, it has other uses, like, if you get a rash or something, apply a small amount of selsun blue and let it sit for 5 minutes MAX (or risk burning your skin) and ta-da! rash gone. for more problematic skin problems, use it for a week

this is more of a quick fix solution, something that comes in handy for backpackers who suddenly find themselves itchy after an being in an overnight bus (my sg-penang bus), and deceivingly clean hostel beds (agga bed and breakfast in yangon! i will write about you)

they’ve discontinued this in the philippines for god knows how long. it’s available in singapore and malaysia…don’t know where else.



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