hostel XP: agga b&b—as in bugs in bed!

at this point, have gone through 6 hostels, one in khao san and one in hpa-an (where upon seeing the beds i expected be feasted on), and public transportation with questionable hygiene, but i arrived in yangon surprisingly unscathed. but one night at agga b&b has my whole body itching

AGGA BED AND BREAKFAST | No. 83, 11 Street Middle Block, Lanmadaw, Yangon downtown, 11221 Yangon, Myanmar

i originally didn’t want to book there, but my procrastination cost me a spot at the 20th street hostel (cheaper and cleaner!), so that one was my cheapest bet. as far as hostels go though, this one is expensive

when i saw the place i was quite happy because it wasn’t bunk beds, and the room looked pristine! ok for this, i don’t mind paying US$13/night

HOWEVER, i awoke in the middle of the night itching and scratching. i was sleeping on my right side, and i soon discovered that the right side of my body is covered in insect bites! i shifted on my left side and guess what-that side was not spared as well. ugh

i spent 2 nights there, and none were comfortable because of the constant itching. not to mention that my room was in a mezzanine; i need to go up and down the stairs to get to the bathroom, and you can hear everything: from the noise at the reception to the slight movements of our upstairs neighbors.

Agga Bed and Breakfast - Common Room.jpeg

good thing the staff were nice and helpful, otherwise the place has no saving grace

FYI: they have several places with names that start with agga (agga youth hostel, agga hotel). this one’s the newest. if the newest place has bedbugs,  i don’t even wanna think about the other places


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