[travel] planning sucks

it’s almost been a month since i arrived in US (and all i’ve been to is the bay area). the plan was to simply go here to use my US visa, which has been left unused for 2 years, and start the journey down to latin america.

however i detest planning (my idea of “long term” planning is planning for the next day). but having talked to my potential travel buddy (who appears to be equally lax in said long term planning), i forced myself this very night to make at least a blueprint. also, i’m pretty sure i’ve overstayed my welcome with my hosts hehe

i present, the countries a ph passport holder with US visa can go to in latam, marked with the countries i wanna go to and the ones i can forgo.

LatAm Visa Exemptions & Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders

Yellow Star – Visa Free and/or US Visa required; Go
Orange Star – Tourist Visa needed; Go
Orange Circle – Tourist Visa needed; Border crossing purposes
Grey Circle – Various; No go

FYI: this file can also potentially help those with US visas only


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