on #yolo

i think this story needs to be shared more than my travel stories

the other day my aunts and i visited a second cousin whom i have not seen in more than a decade in the hospital. growing up, i always wanted to see her because she was fond of me, and her kid was the same age as me so we used to play a lot. i was excited despite the unfortunate circumstance we were meeting in.

most of everyone i’ve met in my two months in the US are supportive of whatever it is i am doing. when they say: tama yan, mag-enjoy ka muna (enjoy life first) my reply was the standard: yeah, sure, of course, kere.

but when my second cousin, who is only 58, tired of being under a battery of tests for four days, said it to me, i felt the weight of the statement. i smiled to acknowledge it.

today we found out she has cancer. how far gone, doctors still don’t know.

that’s why guys, CHILL. enjoy life


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