hunting for graves: what the hell is happening?

I say this because day 1 was with Alex: a nice turned creepy guy who offered to show me around. It was exciting at first—I’ve never seen so many human bones in one concentrated area! But at some point I wanted some stories, but of course I didn’t get any (all my questions I asked to Erwin the following day).

I did find out about this place from a friend, with whom I share a fascination with death. A quick search then informed me that there are three such places in the world: 1) Rantepao, Indonesia, 2) Sagada, Philippines (shame on me for not knowing), and 3) several provinces in China. For Rantepao, my pre-reading for this site is this

So here are a few pictures I took of that day. The last one we visited, Kambira, I’ll write about in another post.

Also, here’s what I spent that day:

Date: 2015.10.15
Sites: Ke’te, Londa, Kambira (will talk
Scooter Rental: Nada (he refused to share the cost)
Grave Entrance Fee: He paid for it again

Other Costs
Homestay Entrance: IDR20,000/2 pax (he wanted to have coffee here and I was quick to pay)

The Tongkonan’s leading up to the graves

The Actual Graves



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