DIY-ing Cumbemayo in Cajamarca, Peru

by now i’ve been travelling long enough to be aversed to organized tours. in my head it’s more expensive (not always the case) and not as rewarding (mostly true). but getting to cumbemayo proved to be more challenging than i thought. in the end i couldn’t go, but i managed to get information from the tourist office for people who wish to do it themselves.

taken from Unpaved South America
to be clear, it seems that it is more convenient to join a tour, and not much expensive. ITA tours near plaza de armas was offering it for S/.18 and it leaves town at 9.30am for about 5 hours. I didn’t ask if it includes the entrance fee. if it is included, then it’s the same price if you do it yourself (more on that in a bit).


anyway so i can’t find any information on how to get there by myself online. lucky that there’s a retiree in my hostel that suggested i go to tourist information (i didn’t know they had one). it’s located here:

paola, who speaks english, said the following information:

  1. combis to cumbemayo run 3x a day: 0600, 1200 and 1500
  2. the combi goes to a chetilla. tell the driver that you are going to cumbemayo and he will drop you off near the place
  3. you wait for the combi at the intersection of jose galvez and avenida peru
  4. cost for the combi is maximum S/.5 one way
  5. entrance fee is S/.8
  6. last bus back to cajamarca is at 1pm
  7. paola says they always recommend to go in the morning because there’s a higher chance that it will rain in the afternoon, making the trip less enjoyable

another option is walking. it’s possible to walk, 5hours one way (at least)

so maybe it’s just easier to join a tour. but either way at least now you know how to diy it


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