Un-Eat, Pray, Love-ing in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

After Rantepao I had no idea where I will go next. Rantepao was supposed to be the highlight of my Indonesia trip. And with 5 days left until I need to get my ass out of Indonesia, all the other interesting places were too expensive to get to and time consuming. So what’s a tourist with no idea where to go to next going to do? Yep, go to Bali.

I asked my friends who’ve been there “what’s in Bali?” Same answer every time: Australians. And after my first time there, I had low expectations. But most of them had good reviews for Ubud. “You can Eat, Pray, Love there” they said. So for someone who never read the book or saw the movie, I thought well why not. I want a chill place, no parties anyway.

I found Ubud to be…stale. Everything was contrived. Felt fake. Tourists too. No culture. Bali is a case study for overdoing tourism. Let it be an example of how not to handle a beautiful place.

My response to this was leave with my scooter at 10am and go back to the hostel way past sunset. Just drive and drive and drive some more. And since I was still new with scooters, this was a good practice place for me.

I went to a lot of temples, religious sites, and old kingdom monuments, but my untrained eyes were too lazy to find the differences among them. Everything was a blur, and unfortunately it just became an exercise of not being lazy today. Didn’t care where I was going, just as long as I reach the place and return in one piece.

So here are the places I visited in my 5 days in Ubud. I’ll write separate posts on the Kecak Fire Dance (THAT I enjoyed) and Mt. Batur


the philippines has a grander version of this





Travel Dates: 2015.10.20-25
Destination: Ubud, Bali
Scooter Rental: IDR50,000/day
Gasoline: Ave IDR8,857.14/L (Range IDR8,000-10,000/L)

Entrance and Ticket Fees (Bule Prices)
Gunung Kawi: IDR15,000
Kertha Gosa: IDR12,000
Goa Gajah: IDR15,000


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