a cool hostel wasting away in trang, thailand

it has got to be one of the coolest-looking hostels i’ve been. it’s also clean, comfy, chill, with helpful staff who can speak english. unfortunately, there’s nothing much happening in Trang

Nokhook House | 135/8-9 Soi 9, Udomlarp Road, Thap Thaing, Muang, 92000 Trang, Thailand

I had zero money going to Thailand. I couldn’t see any money exhanges, banks or ATMs at the bus terminal, and basically had no idea where i was specifically. Good thing someone pointed me to a songthaew (good introduction to this nifty public transportation). good thing it also dropped me right in front of my hostel, because seriously, i had nothing to pay. the hostel covered for me, which i later paid

as i said, i really, REALLY loved this hostel. i wanted to stay, but there was really no reason to. trang was not even the destination for people crossing the border (it’s usually krabi or phuket). at the time i was determined with my “i hate the beach” rule, so i ended up here

but for those who are adamant on going to trang, you must stay at this place 😉

Where: Trang, Thailand
Dates: 2015.12.22-24
Room Type: 4-Bedroom dorm
Additionals: w/ AC, Bathroom inside the room
Price: THB260


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