I Should Consider Reading Ramayana: The Kecak Fire Dance

As with all things Bali-related, I wasn’t really looking forward to watching the Kecak Fire Dance. Again, I just needed to feel un-lazy and do something. But man oh man I’m glad I went.

The dance covered some parts of Ramayana, a story I was not overly familiar about. But I didn’t mind, it was fun, with all the chanting. Though I wondered how people who saw the full play figured out who’s who with no dialogue; they all looked the same to me. In this dance, I kind of figured out because of the primer and someone was explaining what was gonna happen at each segment.

But regardless, it was amazing to see, even if you don’t understand the story they’re telling. Highly recommended for people in Ubud.

Also, the actual fire dance was cool

Travel Dates: 2015.10.21
Destination: Ubud, Bali
Scooter Rental: IDR50,000/day
Gasoline: Ave IDR8,857.14/L (Range IDR8,000-10,000/L)
Ticket Fee (Bule Prices):IDR75,000


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