casa del parque: great colonial house with a bit unfriendly staffer

i went to costa rica for no other reason than it was the cheapest ticket out of LA to latin american. and i quickly learned that costa rica is one expensive city

Casa del Parque | Calle 19 Avenida 3era Casa, In front of the northestern corner of National Park

on my first day, i decided to try couch surfing. the problem was my flight arrived in the morning: the dude who welcomed me can only meet me after work. so where was i to deposit my uber heavy bag?

i thought well i have a booking at the hostel the following day, maybe i can leave my stuff there

well the guy agreed, but i was reall tired (my flight left LA at 12am, and i walked 2km from the airport bus stop to the hostel. i asked if i can stay for a while while i figure out what to do. he said ok, and i sat at the veranda. he then offered the common area (because i was starting to fall asleep)

and when i woke up, he was all mad at me and was like: what’s the deal? are you gonna stay here? because there’s a day fee of US$6…

i was like: ok ok calm down i can pay you. i understand where he’s coming from, but seriously, can he crack a smile?

so for the rest of the time i was there (a total of 3 nights) i felt awkward. i figured out at some point that he (forgot his name) just doesn’t smile (i did watch allegiant with him one night), but he’s really not a people person. very matter-of-fact. and for my first day in costa rica, it wasn’t a good impression

anyway, i was getting an upgrade in costa rica. this is where i met my laos/vietnam travel buddy! so from here on out until colombia (2 months) i was in a private room, with a few exceptions.

so the private room is one massive room with nothing much else. i found the dorms better (we had to transfer the following night because there were no more private rooms, and we rarely book more than 1 night in advance). it’s one massive space with 10 beds. it felt like it had more personality.

the house is lovely, with old pictures of whom i assume are the owners (or previous owners) of the house. the kitchen is massive (so for those scrimping, the place is a godsend). it also reminded me of my granda’s house when i was a kid. but for some reason i didn’t take pictures of the whole place. oh well

so, this is the cheapest place we can find online for san jose. BUT if you walk around, there are cheaper places. our 3rd night we ended up in a…love hotel. no wonder it was cheap. but hey, it did the job

Where: San Jose, Costa Rica
Dates: 2016.10.12-14, 10.31-11.01

Room Type: Private Double Room
Price: CRC5,550 x 2

Room Type: 10-bed Dorm
Price: CRC5,550


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