hey! beach hostel: chill place right at the beach of koh lanta, thailand

so i gave in. i will go to on thai beach. someone suggested koh lanta because it doesn’t party so much. so koh lanta it is.

Hey! Beach Hostel | 606 Moo 3 T. Saladan Koh Lanta Krabi 81150, 81150 Ko Lanta, Thailand

if it’s too hot for you to walk from the port, don’t take a tuk-tuk while you’re still inside the port. a tuktuk driver tried to charge me THB200 for a distance of 2km. I ended up paying THB50 outside. I’m pretty sure you can haggle that some more, but it was too got that day, i just wanted to get to the hostel fast.

it’s not the cheapest, but i don’t remember finding a hostel cheaper than this at the time (or possibly i wanted to get away from where the party bars were). the hostel itself was efficient. what i didn’t like was i had to walk through some sand to get to the bathroom, but the bar by the beach made up for it. you also get a discount from the bar since you’re a guest.

and the beach front was perfect. if i were a hardcore beach person, i would spend the whole day in front of that beach

Where: Koh Lanta, Thailand
Dates: 2015.12.25-27
Room Type: 6-Bedroom dorm
Additionals: w/ AC
Price: THB420/night


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