hostel sabana: san ramon costa rica’s saving grace

for reasons i cannot remember, me and travel buddy decided we shouldn’t go straight to la fortuna. so i picked this place because according to google maps, it’s on the way to la fortuna. and after some keyword search combos, i found a cheap accommodation. ok we’re going to san ramon!

Hostel Sabana | 700m west of the hospital

we came to costa rica at a bad time. it was rainy season. it was all the excuse we needed to stay in and not do anything. so good thing we found this place that has cable tv

the private room is biiiiiig. it’s actually more of a family room, with a big bed and a bunk bed with sofa. we were also the only ones there (i often wonder how these businesses make money). so i took the opportunity to go to the dorm and take a picture. and really, for a town that had not a lot going for them, this place is a steal.

on our last night, the place was fully booked again (san ramon turns out is a weekend getaway). so they placed us in their house’s extra room at the 2nd floor (the owner’s house is at the 2nd floor next door). that room, while not that big, was nicer. like a proper room in a house. unfortunately, i forgot to take pics again

so in the event that any of you decided to go spend a night in san ramon, this is the cheapest place we found online (and there’s not a lot online. at the time, it was only listed on tripadvisor). on the ground, we also didn’t see a lot of hospedaje’s either. this may be your best bet

Where: San Ramon, Costa Rica
Dates: 2016.10.15-18
Room Type: Family room (1 king bed, bunk bed, and sofa)
Additionals: w/ fan, private bathroom, tv + cable
Price: CRC7,500/night


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