allamanda rooms: a good place to be sick in la fortuna, costa rica

from here on out, travel buddy is the final decider on where we’re gonna sleep. my only requirement is that it’s cheap. a tall order in costa rica. but this place was really nice. i’m not to hot for la fortuna, but i am thakful that travel buddy got sick here because the room is clean and we get fresh air, and all the rest are walking distance

Allamanda Rooms | 300 mts al Norte del Banco Nacional, La Fortuna de San Carlos, Fortuna, Costa Rica

the daughter of the owner can speak english, and most of the information about the town we got from her (and most are accurate). she also helped us when travel buddy got sick. she allowed us to move to the air conditioned room for the same price because you know, we’re nice and she liked us 😉

was asked around the area, trying to look for a cheaper place, but again, this was the cheapest we can find. if you rented a car to travel here, it also offers a parking lot. oh, for a small fee as well, you can have breakfast

Where: La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Dates: 2016.10.18-23
Room Type: Private Double Room
Additionals: w/ AC or w/ fan, private bathroom
Price: CRC7,000/night

Other Costs
Breakfast: CRC2,500


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