oldtown hostel: perfect hangout hostel if only it were near other places in bangkok, thailand

i was in khao san for a night and already i’ve just had enough. the only positive i got from it were it had the best exchange rates that i could find. so i decided to move way, way out of the way

Oldtown Hostel | 1048-1054 Chareonkrung28, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

my decision to go to this hostel was largely based on the pictures. IT LOOKED SO NICE. reality wasn’t so far from it, except for the baths and the location itself. but the location was on me. i wanted to get out of khao san that all i cared about was the price and didn’t check how far it is from everything else. it is close to…what appeared to be a china town, but not much else (as far as i know)

there were so many hangout places in this hostel, it was unfortunate that the wifi was bad. that’s the other thing i had a problem with. (i hope that after a year they’ve fixed it).

anyway, i recommend this place if you just wanna get out of the hustle and bustle of khao san

Where: Bangkok, Thailand
Dates: 2015.12.30-31
Room Type: 10-Bedroom dorm
Additionals: w/ AC
Price: THB225/night


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