blue star guesthouse: my own private space for THB200 in kanchanaburi, thailand

this wasn’t my first or 2nd option, but my first option was full and my 2nd option’s cheap rooms were out. my tuktuk driver suggested this place, which was fine since it was in my (long) list anyway

Blue Star Guesthouse | 241 Meanumkwai Road, Thamakam , Muang Kanchanaburi, Thailand 71000

the room was for two people but they gave me half the price since i’m by my lonesome (which is common in Asia).

the location was perfect, along the streets where the restaurants and hostels are. also close the the WWII cemeteries and the famous bridge on the river kwai. they also have a scooter rental and a restaurant. it’s really a self sustaining place

what i didn’t like was the drain in the bathroom goes to the water below where the bungalows are standing. that’s a bit disgusting noh? you’re living on top of your own filth (but i guess that’s ok since we’ll eventually be living that way, with the way we are treating earth)

Where: Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Dates: 2016.01.28-30
Room Type: 2 person private room
Additionals: w/ fan, bathroom
Price: THB200


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