chillout house: really chill but out of the way hostel in monteverde, costa rica

i really liked this place. felt like we had our own house. unfortunately, it’s rough road going here, and during the rainy season, it’s just all mud. you get in and out of the place by waiting for a car shuttle, and that just takes a lot of time

Chillout House | Calle 3 Monteverde, Monteverde, Costa Rica

in the end, we had to move to another place (that ended up to be managed by the same siblings) just because we were at the mercy of drivers. it was hard to plan the whole day because we never know if we’ll make the scheduled bus. and there’s also no restaurants or grocery stores at walking distance. so as much as we liked to be there, it was just inconvenient

Where: Monteverde, Costa Rica
Dates: 2016.10.23-25
Room Type: Private Double room
Additionals: w/ breakfast
Price: CRC4,737.50/night


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