noky’s house: unplanned but comfortable night at chiang mai, thailand

coming from mae hong son, i was hoping i catch a bus from chiang mai to chiang rai (there was no bus from mae hong son to chiang rai). i did manage to reach the terminal on time, but by then the bus was full

Noky’s House | 66 Moon Muang Soi 9 Road | Sri PhumChiang Mai 50200, Thailand

i think i walked with my heavy packs for 2hours? i didn’t take a songtheaw or a tuktuk because i was hoping that i’ll find a cheap hostel on the way. but i ended up walking for 3.4km. everything was booked. even the shady-looking ones were booked. so i was lucky that i found this place, at this price point, when i did (i think i was about ready to sleep on the streets). it’s really not along any “tourist” routes, you to go through backstreets. it appears it’s not on a lot of booking sites too. if you’re not those types who book things in advance, this place is worth checking out

it was cute and homey. not the most spacious, but i can imagine myself getting sucked in the black hole that was this place. but, i needed to get myself to chiang rai quickly; thailand was about to kick me out soon

Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dates: 2016.02.08-09
Room Type: Private Room
Price: THB170


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