ann hostel: a little overpriced but sufficient hostel in chiang rai, thailand

at this point i’m over thailand; i was excited for laos! but i wanted to see white temple, so a day trip to chiang rai was needed. i was a bit peeved that this is the cheapest hostel i can find, but it didnt appear that there are a lot of hostels in chiang rai that is listed online. and after walking the day before, i was in no mood to search for unlisted hostels again

Ann Hostel | 24/4 Moo.18  Sanpanard Rd.,T. Robvieng, Muang, 57000 Chiang Rai, Thailand

ann hostel’s location is perfect, it’s very close to the station and the market. it’s also clean and spacious, unlike the hostels that i’ve been to in north thailand. they also were giving a welcome banana and coffee, so that made up for the +THB20 that i felt they were overcharging me lol

this place is clean, sufficient, and close to the bus stop, which at this point of my trip was the most important factor. there’s also 2 common areas and a balcony if you just wanna hang out at the hostel the whole day

Where: Chiang Rai, Thailand
Dates: 2016.02.09-10
Room Type: 7-Bedroom dorm
Additionals: w/ fan
Price: THB180


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