no, actually san ramon, costa rica has another saving grace

after 2 days of not doing anything because of the non-stop rain, and the lack of things to do, we finally were able to drag ourselves out the room and walk around once the skies finally decided to let up

so we walked around and found ourselves at a high point where we can see san ramon’s magnificent views. i became hopeful after this. maybe we can go farther out tomorrow #wishfulthinking

anyway we then found ourselves at the main church. of course there’s a church.

but these are just fluff compared to the greatness of tio’s house

Tio’s House | Av 8A, Provincia de Alajuela, San Ramón, Costa Rica

we were actually looking for a steakhouse that we found on TripAdvisor. but we just kept walking and walking and walking and we still haven’t seen a steakhouse (despite seeing a sign that we were close). out of desperation, we ended up here.

i wondered, like i always do, how establishments like these survive. no one was here, are they even breaking even? (i can’t find their FB page anymore, which maybe answers my question).

i could not be bothered to take a proper picture

the first time we got here, it was day 3 in my latin american trip. i could not speak proper spanish yet, and not yet confident on how to order food. in my best hand-gestured spanish, i asked the waiter what he recommends. he said crepa de pollo en salsa blanca. and OH MY GOD it was sooooo goooood. so good we came back the next night just to have it again.

it didn’t hurt that they were playing 90s hits backed up by 90s MTV videos. it was great to see Stay’s video again, if only to gawk at ethan hawke and winona rider. our first night the waiter also asked us what kind of music we wanted (when we just stared at him, he made us choose between nirvana and i think metallica. we chose kurt cobain).san-ramon-costa-rica-tios-house-90s-mtv-reality-bites

the ceviche was superb as well. oh man i kinda wish i can eat that dish again. i really hope they didn’t close because maaaaaan, the food was great


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