laundry service/scammers in cusco, peru

a word of advice to anyone who wants to use a laundry service in cusco: don’t always go to the cheapest joint you can find

i try to do my own laundry to save on money. i have a dry pack i use as a basin to wash my clothes and travel clothes line to hang it. however, in a place such as cusco, it’s impossible to dry your clothes

for one, we arrived during the rainy season. second, my hostel almost gets no sunlight, even at the roof top. so we really had to give it to the professionals.

i actually didn’t need to wash any clothes, but my malaysian travel buddy did. but her laundry didn’t even add up to 1kg, so i offered to give some of my clothes. in total, our clothes weighed 2.5lbs, or approximately 1.13kg. we know because we have our own weighing scale (which i never used for weighing laundry in the 18mo i’ve been traveling. anyway).

our hostel offers laundry service for S/.4 per 1kg. we saw another place the day before that was for S/.3, so since we’re cheap and poor, we wanted to go to that one. but our french friend who was staying at another hostel said that near his place it was S/.2.5. so off we go

at that laundry service, our laundry weight 4kg. THERE IS NO WAY. our 1L water bottle was heavier than that. so we moved next door. it weight 2.5kg. ah, so that’s why it was cheap. because they cheat

so we tried at other laundry services. it was never the . weight: 2.5kg, 2kg, 5kg, 3kg. jesus. even in southeast asia, they never cheated this much for laundry.

so after walking around cusco, we ended up at a service near our place, which weighed our laundry at 2.5kg for S/.7.50. still the best value among all the places we checked out


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