Things to Do in None-Happening Trang, Thailand

I had no good reason to go here other than avoiding the tourist spots (aka beaches). I may have wanted to brag too: I backpacked through Thailand and didn’t go to tourist spots!

Yeah, don’t do this just to be cool

Trang was a good place for introverts who want to recharge and just stay away from people. I saw 2 farangs in my 3 days there in the week leading up to Christmas 😱. But judging by the amount of food on display at the night market, there were people coming there. Which means locals. Which is pretty cool. I guess if you wanna see the real Thailand, this is where you go.

Having said this, there are still places you can visit, granted you know how to ride a moped. I was insisting at the hostel that I want to commute, while she was insisting that the best way to go around is still by motorbike. I relented because she’s local and she knows better than me. Judging from what I saw my 2 days driving around, she seemed to be telling the truth.


This market is not as big as other typical Thai markets, and it was mostly food. BUT. There’s so much food!



It was easy enough to reach, but I freaked out once I entered the house

Phraya Ratsadanupradit Museum - Receiving Room

Yeah, I actually stepped back.

I didn’t know much about this house or the one who owned it. Visiting also didn’t offer much more knowledge. So what I know are based on wiki which wasn’t very informative. Just know he was very rich because of rubber trees, and he hosted important people in the house


I had the scooter until 11am, so I want to Thung Khai before leaving for Krabi Town. It should have been easy to go to, but google maps sent me to Thung Khai with no entrance.

It looked like Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest, but with less (as in no) clouds and the option of walking on the ground. It was cute to see boy and girl scouts walking around though.

What was cute with Trang was that even though there is essentially nothing to see in the town itself, there were tourist signs pointing to where places are (like the city hall). And like much of Thailand, I wouldn’t be surprised if the government manage to make this place a full-fledged tourist town.

Travel Dates: 2015.12.22-24
Destination: Trang, Thailand
Scooter Rental: THB250/24hrs
Gasoline: THB50 (THB 1.97/L)
Tham Le Kao Kop Cave (1 Boat): THB300

Pad Thai: THB30
Sausage: THB15
Squid: 30
Rice Toppings: THB30
Quail Egg: THB10


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