rough roads and costa rica

costa rica struck me as a rich country. almost everyone has a good command of English. the houses are concrete.even in the mountains, with proper borders. You can see horses in its big grounds, several cars, and satellite dishes sat atop of it. private rooms in hostels have a TVs, some a flat screen. all have cable TV.

but they can’t be bothered to fix the road.

we overheard our snobby host at our hostel in San Jose explain to a guest that roads in Costa Rica are not paved and are usually one way. at the time i dismissed it, thinking: there’s no way the roads are worse than northern Laos. also, again, consider where i grew up


the road from La Fortuna to Monteverde was really just soil flattened because vehicles keep on passing through. it was bumpy for hours. the fact that it was raining made it more…interesting. i was stressed. that means the roads were really bad.

passengers in costa rica also don’t usually open the windows. buses normally don’t have air conditioning (even those that obviously have working ACs). it was stuffy bumpy, all of which made me dizzy.

so yeah, maybe snobby guy was on to something.

On other things…

one of the main tourist attractions in Costa Rica was La Fortuna AND Monteverde. so it struck me as odd that there was no direct bus between the two.

from La Fortuna, you take a local bus to Tilaran. that’s about 2hrs. then you wait at Tilaran for maybe an hour. then the bus to Monteverde was this really cramped old bus. i’m 5’4, but my legs were still squashed to numbness. imagine that for 3.5hrs. and imagine the europeans contorting themselves just to sit 🤣

the bus will drop you off in front of a coffee shop in Monteverde. like La Fortuna, there’s no proper bus station here.

i asked my couch surfing host in san jose where the business district was. he said there really is no such arrangement in Costa Rica. It’s looking more and more that he was right

Travel Dates: 2016.10.23

Travel Cost
Bus from La Fortuna to Tilaran: CRC2,800
Bus from Tilaran to Monteverde: CRC900


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