Too chill at sweltering koh lanta

this was more of a function of my unwillingness to party and to even get my feet wet. so why did i go? because i felt going to Thailand means you have to see the sea (i never claimed to be smart).

so just to kill time, i once again rented a motorbike and try to circle the island (you can do it in an hour). my goal ultimate goal was to reach the national park at the other side, but i decided to pass by some places a long the way


i knew there was a shelter at the island, but i didn’t know the name so i skipped google and decided to ditch it. luckily a truck advertising it was also on the road.


this was by far the most satisfying part of my stay in koh lanta. they gave a tour of the place, told us the personalities of different animals, why other dogs only had three legs (by chasing cars they thought existed to play), adoption and such. they are also undermanned, especially for people who need to stay the night at the shelter. so if you guys are free and have nothing better to do…


this one is easy to spot as there are signs pointing to it. the actual place itself was small. just a long dock and a few old buildings found on a small street. there are also activities you can do by the water, but for the most part, there’s no reason to stay long after you’ve taken the customary pictures. unless you want to eat at expensive restaurants found at the ground floor of the old houses



i couldn’t find the entrance. i suspect google misdirected me again, and there was no one to ask. i also didn’t see any signs. so. moving on


Koh Lanta, Thailand - Klong Dao Beachand this is where my hostel is located. it’s peaceful with a massive beach, calm waters, and few people. it’s where i spent the rest of the day chilling, waiting and watching the sun set

there were other places to go to in koh lanta. and of course there were bars offering some kind of full moon party, but it’s not at the level of the other party beaches. it’s more for young families where kids and frolick in the sand. really calm for a thai beach

Travel Dates: 2015.12.26
Destination: Koh Lanta, Thailand
Scooter Rental: THB200/24hrs
Gasoline: THB50 (THB26.62/L)
Donation: THB13


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