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Stress “less” travel with the Java Train System

I never really understood the convenience of Peta Jalur Kereta Api Java until 1) I tried it and 2) I realized how big Java actually is. I didn’t need to constantly ask where the bus station/buses are or wonder if they’re tricking me or stopping at wrong destinations. As long as you’re awake when it arrives at your stop, you’re good. Here are the 3 memorable rides I took Continue reading Stress “less” travel with the Java Train System

budget travel for the #funemployed: indonesia edition

it’s been a while! been traveling for the last month around indonesia, and now it’s time for my first post

because i am now officially #funemployed, i needed to ween myself off flashpacking, and started budgeting “for real”. while i only accomplished limiting my alcohol consumption in my almost 4 weeks in indonesia, it did however, make me mindful of how i spent, which gave me insights as to how to lower my spending on my next adventure (such as learning to scooter in 2.5 hrs so i can DIY tours). i literally tried my best to take note of every single thing i spent on, which is so unlike the travel-me

it also gave me an excuse to make a pivot table and presentation out of it #geekalert

Continue reading budget travel for the #funemployed: indonesia edition