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a cool way to learn english

in the 16 months that i’ve been traveling, i got ask this question a lot (and variations of it): where are you from? your english is very good, how did you learn it? no, i did not roll my eyes at them because frankly, i also don’t know. i’ve studied a 3rd language before, and i for one can say that studying it in a classroom definitely does not translate to having a good command of it.

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on religion

spanish man: no one in spain goes to church now
me: really?
spanish man: yeah. churches are empty
me: but that’s your greatest contribution to the world! christianity!
spanish man: *shrugs

buti pa spain naka-move on na

on being judged on how you look

me and my turkish dorm mate talking about the creative ways locals charge tourists

turkish guy: i don’t know, they always charge me operating or local prices. like i pay 30 and when i ask other foreigners pay 50. for the exact same thing. maybe it’s good that you look like a terrorist (caresses beard while smiling slyly)

me: maybe you should just be thankful that you pay less

what a weird way of looking at things

the should-have-been scariest set of people i’ve been around of

after nursing jetlag for a week, I was finally ready to go out and about san francisco (yep, i’m on the other side of the world now and I haven’t done anything on this blog for months). i’m staying in daly city, the next town to san francisco, where all the filipinos, chinese, and latinos live, apparently.

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