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laundry service/scammers in cusco, peru

a word of advice to anyone who wants to use a laundry service in cusco: don’t always go to the cheapest joint you can find Continue reading laundry service/scammers in cusco, peru


DIY-ing Cumbemayo in Cajamarca, Peru

by now i’ve been travelling long enough to be aversed to organized tours. in my head it’s more expensive (not always the case) and not as rewarding (mostly true). but getting to cumbemayo proved to be more challenging than i thought. in the end i couldn’t go, but i managed to get information from the tourist office for people who wish to do it themselves. Continue reading DIY-ing Cumbemayo in Cajamarca, Peru

on being judged on how you look

me and my turkish dorm mate talking about the creative ways locals charge tourists

turkish guy: i don’t know, they always charge me operating or local prices. like i pay 30 and when i ask other foreigners pay 50. for the exact same thing. maybe it’s good that you look like a terrorist (caresses beard while smiling slyly)

me: maybe you should just be thankful that you pay less

what a weird way of looking at things