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Stress “less” travel with the Java Train System

I never really understood the convenience of Peta Jalur Kereta Api Java until 1) I tried it and 2) I realized how big Java actually is. I didn’t need to constantly ask where the bus station/buses are or wonder if they’re tricking me or stopping at wrong destinations. As long as you’re awake when it arrives at your stop, you’re good. Here are the 3 memorable rides I took Continue reading Stress “less” travel with the Java Train System

on bandung’s traffic and pedestrians

there were only two reasons why i decided to go bandung:

  1. there were supposedly outdoor gear shops there (i found 2 right in front of each other) and,
  2. i wanted to break the travel time between jakarta and yogyakarta

as far as expectations went, I really didn’t have any. however, I did not expected to ALMOST DIE on my first day of traveling Continue reading on bandung’s traffic and pedestrians

hostel XP: pinisi backpackers (bandung, indonesia)

nothing memorable happened in bandung, but i was relieved that i had the room all to myself on my first night. i didn’t really get a chance to talk to anyone as the place was almost empty, and hardly anyone were in the common areas. there were more people on my last day (it was saturday), most of whom were locals. unfortunately, not all of them spoke english, so it was mainly small talk.

overall, i’d recommend this hostel if you don’t plan on staying in bandung long, or if you’re not looking to make random friends. if you want a more happening place, best to look for lodgings at jalan braga, the hipster street.

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budget travel for the #funemployed: indonesia edition

it’s been a while! been traveling for the last month around indonesia, and now it’s time for my first post

because i am now officially #funemployed, i needed to ween myself off flashpacking, and started budgeting “for real”. while i only accomplished limiting my alcohol consumption in my almost 4 weeks in indonesia, it did however, make me mindful of how i spent, which gave me insights as to how to lower my spending on my next adventure (such as learning to scooter in 2.5 hrs so i can DIY tours). i literally tried my best to take note of every single thing i spent on, which is so unlike the travel-me

it also gave me an excuse to make a pivot table and presentation out of it #geekalert

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