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quick links: indonesia

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Four Friends, 2 Nights, 2 Volcanoes

In the countries I’ve been to thus far, I have to say Indonesia is the one that goes out of it’s way to creatively charge tourists, whether it’s through legal means or not. Local friends will often get you out of paying the very much legal bule tax foreigners pay at some national parks and religious sites. Continue reading Four Friends, 2 Nights, 2 Volcanoes

budget travel for the #funemployed: indonesia edition

it’s been a while! been traveling for the last month around indonesia, and now it’s time for my first post

because i am now officially #funemployed, i needed to ween myself off flashpacking, and started budgeting “for real”. while i only accomplished limiting my alcohol consumption in my almost 4 weeks in indonesia, it did however, make me mindful of how i spent, which gave me insights as to how to lower my spending on my next adventure (such as learning to scooter in 2.5 hrs so i can DIY tours). i literally tried my best to take note of every single thing i spent on, which is so unlike the travel-me

it also gave me an excuse to make a pivot table and presentation out of it #geekalert

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